Brilliance Unlimited ART by
Melissa Wadsworth
Art Is Intentional Energy Shared
I am Melissa Wadsworth
Landscape art and abstract art are balancing passions.

They are expressions of unseen and seen energy. My abstract art using mixed media is liberated possibility and intuition at play (sacred feminine). My landscape art in oils is organized and focused energy physically manifested in the world (sacred masculine). The joy and beauty of expressing these energies is undeniablely potent.

I invite you to take a stroll through the Brilliance Unlimited ART website. From the heart, it is my intention to infuse my creations with light and love.
Two Collections:
            Elemental Essence landscapes in oil. It features air and earth, fire and water balancing one another in nature. Many of the pieces feature the beauty of Scotland, as well as California and Washington landscapes. This is"landed" energy.
            Energy Essence abstract paintings in oil and mixed media. Sensing the unseen and translating that as color and pattern and texture. Symbolic and alive! These abstracts are the energetic precursor to form.